Lucid Dreaming

Working with your dreams is a way to process everything and change your life.

Lucid dreaming is that state when you are asleep – and you know you are dreaming.

Lucid dreaming can be useful in dealing with personal struggles and issues, fears and traumatic experiences. Exploring the meaning of dreams is a very personal experience. What happens and what is recalled about a dream, is symbolic of the challenges that a person is facing. The symbols in the dream put the challenges into perspective which may help in dealing them.

With Lucid dreaming, we can call in our dream all the parts we need to integrate and be the best we can be.  With one Lucid dream we can solve issues that could take endless hours of therapy. We all dream, so why not using the dreams to achieve the changes and let go of what we don’t need?

Lucid dreaming allows you to find and embrace your limiting beliefs so that you can step out of your own shadow and see your strengths for what they are.

Your dreams have a meaning, especially the repetitive ones.

Often times, the subconscious mind is trying to send us messages that our conscious mind doesn’t want us to see because it may be too dark or scary. During sleep, our minds process everything that happens during the day.

This is why the dream state is so powerful.


The subconscious mind never sleeps and this is why lucid dreaming goes hand in hand with hypnosis. For example, nightmares or any “scary” dream are screams from our subconscious mind that we are ignoring. This tends to be fears, anger or any limiting belief (like a dark shadow that tends to follow us in our worst moments). Something we hide from, but it needs to express itself. Journaling is the first step so that you start to become more aware of your dreams because this way you are re-programming your mind to pay attention to your dreams.

The reason I love lucid dreaming so much is that your dreams are very powerful and none of your dreams should be ignored. When we ignore dreams, we miss out on the messages from our subconscious.

Ultimately, our dreams tell us what our conscious mind is afraid to see and deal with. Fear is what prevents us from achieving our full potential and holds us back from new experiences. 

Lucid dreaming allows us to face our fears and overcome our own challenges so that we can become the best possible version of ourselves.

In fact, you can take lucid dreaming one step further and engage in Neurodramatic Play, which is a method that allows you to reframe your nightmares by actually playing it out by dressing up as the characters in your dreams. This type of therapy is another way to express your dreams.

In small groups, you begin by talking about your dream. Then the members of the group get props, dress up, and they actually become a part of your dream and as they participate, you get to carry on the dream until you can embrace the nightmare and grow from it.

I run workshops on Lucid Dreaming from my clinic in Croxley Green, if you want to begin to take part in Lucid Dreaming, the best way to get started is by keeping a dream journal next to your bed and start making notes about the dreams that you are having.

I hope to see you at a future workshop. You can find the details of my upcoming workshop by viewing my event page.

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