My Services

It is very important to me to listen to my clients’ stories with a determination to truly hear them.

Understanding each individual client is vital to our connection and important to the work we do together so they can be the best of who they are.

Enabling people to hold their heads high and to live full, meaningful lives is my passion.


What can hypnotherapy help with?
Hypnosis can help with breaking habits, managing stress, and a wide range of conditions including anxiety and addiction.


What is psychotherapy?
 Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment and can help treat challenges and symptoms relating to mental health and emotions.

Lucid Dreaming

Working with your dreams is a way to process everything and change your life,  Lucid dreaming allows our conscious mind to face fears and overcome challenges.

Private Sessions & Workshops

A one hour, no obligation initial consultation session gives an opportunity for the client to discuss their aims and expectations from therapy. Together we will establish a suitable therapeutic solution. All of which takes place in my private therapy practices in Croxley Green.

My Practice


Rear back, 129 New Road, Croxley Green
Hertfordshire, WD3 3EN

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Feel free to contact me for more information on any of my services.

Fees £70 per hour

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Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 2pm